The Secret to Knowing the Right Thing to Say at the Right Time – Anytime!

One of the hardest things in life is knowing what to say — whether you’re in a business situation, an argument, or any other key critical moment. On this page you’ll discover a process for always knowing the right thing to say.

Never Feel Tongue-Tied or Unsure of What To Say, Ever Again

What happens when someone challenges you? Or when they offer up an objection to your proposal or idea? Do you know how to respond, or do you hesitate — or worse, say nothing? In the “What to Say” program, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) expert and HIT™ founder Michael Bernoff will show you the secret to always knowing the right thing to say at the right time!



♦ Why “objections” are actually a roadmap to getting the sale — or getting the other person to do what you want…

How to get people to CHASE YOU, so that they are actually dying to hear what you say — before you say it!

2 simple secrets for turning negatives into positives; so that everything you say is received in a favorable way…

PLUS, an exclusive bonus gift — Last Minute Confidence — so that you can create confidence on demand, anytime you need it in just minutes!

If you currently struggle with knowing the right thing to say, this program is for you. “What to Say” is your personal blueprint for overcoming nearly any objection or challenge — and always knowing what to say. Once you learn this powerful process, you’ll become more persuasive and get more powerful results in your business and life — resulting in greater income, freedom and happiness.

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Michael BernoffAbout Michael

Originally a kid from a small town in New Jersey, Michael soon discovered how to communicate so effectively he became a top salesman, trainer, and recruiter for several national companies. After mastering neurolinguistic programming (NLP), other powerful disciplines and discoveries, Michael developed something he calls Human Interaction Technology (HIT) methodology, which works rapidly yet creates lasting change.

To date, he’s taught his methods to thousands of individuals, including representatives from several Fortune 500 companies. Michael’s genius is helping you “unblock” the invisible parts of your psyche currently holding you back, while helping speed you in the direction of your goals and dreams. Many methods promise to help you achieve more, Michael’s scientific method of change and transformation actually helps you engineer change and take action on the deepest possible level. So that results are not only rapidly, but also lasting.

If you know you’re capable of more, but just can’t seem to figure out how to get out of your own way and unlock your potential, look no further than Michael’s methods.

  • “I have never felt so confident in my life..."

    I have never felt so confident in my life as I did that day! It was a defining moment for me and it felt great! It’s amazing how beneficial personal development can be.

  • "It was like a slap in the face..."

    It was just what I needed. For me personally, it was like a slap in the face in a good sense. By doing this, it brought back confidence in myself that I had lost.

  • "This changes everything!"

    I’M DONE making excuses… 97% are motivated by desperation, only 3% by inspiration. Thanks so much for the wake up call. This changes everything!

There's No Better Way to Feel Confident or Get What You Want Than By Knowing What To Say

Imagine you propose a new idea to you boss — or to a potential client. He or she then asks, “why is it so expensive?” Or “why should I do that?” Or “what’s in it for me?” There’s any number of questions that people ask you whenever you’re trying to get something from them — and how you answer those questions will literally make or break your results.

The What To Say When Program Will Change That For You

In this program, Michael teaches teaches you how to break down questions and objections into simple categories, and then craft split-second responses based on proven persuasion methodology that will quickly eliminate any doubt in the other person. The result is, they feel confident you know what you’re talking about and that you can deliver the goods — increasing the likelihood they’ll do what you want. Whether it’s buying your product, closing a deal, supporting your idea or anything else.

Eliminate Doubt and Tap Into Your Unlimited Confidence

Once you stop suffering from doubt and hesitation, and you see how people respond to you when you say the right things — it becomes addicting. Your confidence soars and you become even more sure of your answers and ability to move and lead people, which creates a powerful cycle where people become even more responsive to your requests and desires. Over time, this is life-changing because it shifts you from weakness to strength… from a person who struggles and settles.. to someone who always gets what you’re looking to achieve, in any situation.

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